As a relentless optimist and courageous catalyst for change, Bonnie Nixon has held many positions at the global forefront of a new low carbon, resource protected and just economy. 

BonnEco and her trusted Partner's use this experience and expertise to transform your career, business, and community into a sustainable, caring and collaborative vision. 

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The BonnEco Team's expertise spans social and environmental strategy and resource management, complex global supply chains, learning circles and community development and empowerment. BonnEco uses this experience to transform personal careers towards purpose and your business, community, and organization to a more sustainable future. 

BonnEco is known for designing and leading ethical conversations and initiatives and accelerating sustainability with the use of new and emerging technologies. It is an exciting time to integrate shared prosperity models and empower individuals and communities with transparency tools.  

You are offered practical intelligence and hands-on experience transforming supply chains and creating ethical sourcing programs. Utilizing our visionary abilities, we inspire organizations to build the right culture and public profile that will sustain your social and eco aspirations. Our message is clear and direct — being a conscious and active citizen is no longer optional, it is required in today’s global and shared economy.

 BonnEco, Inc.

Courageous Catalysts for Change

BonnEco helps organizations, companies and government agencies involve their citizens, achieve their  sustainability vision,  and manage natural resources.  

BonnEco can take on any phase and level of a sustainability and human rights implementation initiative, or serve as your trusted advisor to guide you through the sustainability maturation process.


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