Environmental Sustainability

Bonnie Nixon, Sustainability Leader, Strategist, Public Speaker, Fundraiser and Educator:  Expert in Social and Environmental Responsibility for Large Corporations, Complex Supply Chains, Academia, Government and Non-Governmental Sectors. Ms. Nixon has served in many high profile positions at the global forefront of a new low carbon economy focusing on business model transformation, environmental restoration and social regeneration. Her passion for all living beings and future generations is evident in everything Bonnie does.

During her career in sustainability, Bonnie has:

  • been a trusted advisor to CEOs and Executive Management Teams as they develop and implement a strategic vision
  • built  integrated teams to design and implement practical sustainability and human rights solutions
  • impacted decisions from the boardroom to the supply chain to the marketing department

Bonnie is a respected expert, consultant and inspirational speaker on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  She brings years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies, government institutions, and international and non-profit organizations, employing an entrepreneurial approach on every sustainability initiative.

Utilizing her visionary abilities, Bonnie inspires organizations to build the right culture and public profile that will sustain their social and eco aspirations.  Her message is clear and direct — being a conscious corporate citizen is no longer optional, it is required by today’s global marketplace.

An expert strategist, public speaker, facilitator and negotiator, Bonnie is known for generating innovative collaboration among multiple stakeholders.  She also offers hands-on experience transforming supply chains and creating ethical sourcing programs.


Newsweek Green Rankings - #1

Best Corporate Citizens List - #1

Electronics Climate Scorecard - #1