Spirituality of Sustainability (SOS) – BonnEco brings an insightful and enlightening perspective to the importance of thinking more broadly about who we are and how we can transform yesterday’s remorse into tomorrow’s results.  As an unapologetic evangelist, Bonnie speaks directly to the soul of the system.  

Sustainability Assessments:

Participate in an in-depth assessment for mission-driven individuals, organizations and companies.

This assessment is designed for you to have a clear understanding of your purpose, mission and sustainable impact and where you can make practical improvements. It is recommended and necessary when looking to enhance your positive influence on the environment and society and engage with consumers, citizens, human rights and environmental organizations.  .  

Mentoring Questions:​

  1. What is it that you really want to be and do?​
  2. What are you doing really well that is helping you get there?​
  3. What are you not doing well that is preventing you from getting there?​
  4. What will you do differently tomorrow to meet those challenges?​
  5. How can I help / where do you need the most help?

Eco-Centricity – BonnEco deconstructs the Me-More-Now culture of excessive over-production and consumption to provide a roadmap of transformation from being an Ego-system brand/culture to an Eco-system brand/culture that is not dependent on satisfying short-term needs at the expense of the long-term health and resiliency of the planet and it's peoples.  

Mentoring and Coaching: We work with purpose-driven individuals in their professional or personal lives. Our goal is to drive a future - focused on more positive practices across all industries and careers. Our coaching process is framed around a series of scheduled virtual and/or in-person ‘conversations’ designed to reach your objectives, create new awareness, perspective and insight – and the will to apply this insight into action.  An initial private consultation serves to determine your needs and customize an innovative coaching approach to increase clients’ impact and effectiveness and maximize their potential.

Complex Conversations – We have extensive experience facilitating and mediating dialogue with all key stakeholders, particularly ones that have an aggressive agenda. Non-governmental organizations, environmental, human rights and citizen groups often have to use the controversial levers they have available to them.  Understanding their needs and working towards compromise requires expert conflict resolution skill sets and mediation techniques.

Facilitating and Training: Customized coaching and training solutions should be designed to engage and prepare students, individual leaders and teams, to enthusiastically learn and lead passionate and purposeful careers.  Well-planned and structured meetings and engagements will focus first on prevention vs. costly interventions. By using cool technology tools, gamification and coopetition, BonnEco provides a unique and fun experience that allows individuals to get the most out of training and more importantly know how to apply what they have learned when they return to their workplace. .  

Facilitating the art and science of powerful and constructive stakeholder engagement is one of BonnEco's core strengths.  In our hurried workdays, we often fail to understand the science of good meeting planning and management, take the time and bring in the necessary expertise. BonnEco is not only adept at this but is also able to navigate the art of complex interpersonal relations and negotiations toward visionary and achievable results. ​ 

$250 per hour

$1500 per day

$5000 per month retainer 

Career coaching:  BonnEco's mission is to empower future generations to engage in sustainability transformation. We offer initial one-hour phone consultations, with email follow-up, to college students and mid-career professionals seeking careers in sustainability, social innovation and community empowerment.  

Pricing rate:  We work with clients on customized scopes but generally use the following rates.

Supply Chain Ethical Sourcing: BonnEco transforms the performance of supply chains through ethical sourcing strategies and performance visibility.  We are committed to technology solutions for global resource management challenges, and always pushing at the edge of what is possible as it relates to design and innovation of products and services. We provide a keen understanding of complex organizational dynamics, value/supply chains and how to use technology to advance traceability, transparency, and transformation. We partner with leading information solution providers.  

Executive Coaching:  BonnEco understands how to: provide business case justification and impact measurement; manage transitions and career change; ensure promotion of women and corporate leaders in sustainability; and help leaders, executives or small teams become mission-driven and results oriented.  

Look up and around towards a more sustainable future for generations to come

Strategic Advisory Services: 

  • Serves on boards for technology startups and venture capital companies to bring depth of experience, diversity and insight to guide entities through the most compelling ethical, social and environmental challenges of our time
  • Advises as a senior strategist on the power of collaborative and cooperative commerce and community involvement
  • Conducts impact assessments and designs supply chain systems involving complex stakeholder engagement and agreements
  • Facilitates clients through the evolving landscape of risk assessment, due diligence and social and environmental regulation

ReSourcing Supply Change – BonnEco  provides expertise on leading edge executable programs and practical tools for managing risk, increasing transparency, building capacity and ensuring brand loyalty. We have spent time on the ground in the factories, mines, fields and forests and come up with practical wisdom to share with the world

Public Speaking:  Bonnie Nixon and BonnEco Partners are master storytellers and present on authentic experiences and practical solutions to real world stakeholder issues, human rights, ethical sourcing and environmental challenges.  We motivate our audiences to move from an ego-centric perspective of the world to an eco-centric approach that transforms personal and business positions through game-changing programs filled with actionable takeaways.


good ecosystems for good people 

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