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Engaging BonnEco can start with a personal inquiry or assessment that will help you increase awareness about where you are in the process and identify issues and opportunities. Then we provide guidance, set next step priorities and drive progress to move your personal and or professional strategic vision forward. 

Purpose Driven and Passionate Pollinators

Everyone connected to BonnEco understands the importance of fact and science-based targets and programs when it comes to natural resource and people protection.  At the same time we recognize that everything that matters can not and should not always be counted. Genuine stakeholder listening and engagement is necessary to move the conversation along and ultimately make things real. Effective storytelling and cause marketing garners the support needed to make any data rich effort successful. BonnEco pursues purpose driven people, programs and products.  

BonnEco helps individuals, organizations, companies and government agencies achieve their business sustainability vision. Whether you are just learning what sustainability means, starting out your career or in the midst of program implementation and encountering obstacles, BonnEco is ready to provide value to you and your tribe.  BonnEco can take on any phase and level of a sustainability, ethical sourcing and human rights implementation initiative, or serve as your trusted advisor to guide you through the sustainability maturation process.

The power of web-based collaboration and the use of social media, gaming and online education can bring any training to life. Today, multi-media platforms use augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and visual animation. BonnEco strongly believes that these tools can and will dramatically accelerate a more sustainable future for generations to come.  Transformation and transparency are here to stay and we can help.
good ecosystems for good people 

Why Work With BonnEco

BonnEco offers great flexibility in working with you on a time and materials or fixed price basis.  No individual, company or budget is too small or too large. BonnEco partners with individual people, tribes and small communities, countries and world leading companies providing solutions that share our collective vision.

 BonnEco, Inc.

Our Core Competencies

  • Coaching/Facilitating 
  • Instructional Design
  • E-Learning/Training
  • Supply Chain/Ethical Sourcing
  • Educating/Mentoring