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Bonnie is simply a powerhouse. She has served Sustainable Brands generously as an advisor for many years and has had a material impact on our strategy and success, including, most recently, leading a serious research project as part of her Masters Thesis to explore our opportunity in online learning. We are better because of her, and I cannot imagine not having her as part of our team.

-KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz Founder/Chief Executive, Sustainable Life Media/Sustainable Brands 

Bonnie is a strong advocate for sustainability and solid business performance and marries the two very well. She's infectious in her passionate pursuit of sustainable business strategy and performance.

-Andrew Winston Author, The Big Pivot & Green to Gold

Bonnie has been a leader in human rights supply chain, corporate responsibility, and businesses collaborating to improve business and societal/ environmental impact. Her key skills are navigating complex systems, inspiring change within large institutions, negotiating disparate viewpoints and goals, and communicating effectively across multiple audiences.

-Kellie McElhaney Professor & Founding Director, Center for Gender, Equity & Leadership, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business 

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2006 to 2008 - Published in multiple journals, publications and feature articles and interviews including CNBC, Business Week, the New York Times, the Financial Times, BBC, IB.Com, Supply Chain Logistics Magazine, Purchasing Magazine, Supply Management.

Published in “Navigating Rough Waters – Ethics in the Water Industry”


Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and span many industries. Their motivations for coming to us are also unique and they are in varying degrees of readiness for sustainable transformation.  They may be trailblazers forging new ground in social and environmental practices, or emerging organizations or businesses that need the credibility an enhanced social image can bring.  Additionally, BonnEco can really assist a corporation that is a little late to the game, pressured by Customers, Board Members and or stakeholders to catch up quickly.

All of our clients share one characteristic -- they know they are part of a complex web of community members, producers, suppliers, customers, global stakeholders and regulatory agencies.  They seek a defined and sustainable path through myriad competing priorities and complicated personalities. BonnEco provides strategic insight to map priorities, build the necessary relationships across stakeholders and identify a plan for action.   BonnEco assembles a team of affiliates to assist with implementation. Some of our clients have included:

good ecosystems for good people 

Bonnie is a world-class strategist, advisor, and consultant in more sustainable business. She draws on a career at the global forefront of Corporate Sustainability and responsible business at HP, at the Sustainability Consortium and as an on-going Advisor to Sustainability Roundtable Inc. And she delivers with game-changing insight, brilliant project management and timely and spot-on direct assistance - every time. It's not only a privilege to work with Bonnie, it is also a great pleasure and regularly fun.

-James Boyle CEO & Founder, Sustainability Roundtable Inc.